When we’re not sleeping…

Web Design

We develop (mostly) early stage websites. That’s initial design or development then passing it over to the client’s dedicated maintainer if the client themselves aren’t developers.

Social Media & SEO

Being a very loud bunch has allowed us to do work for the likes of Dj Chilli, Barney Mpariwa, StarBrite, Telecel, G-Telecoms & many other brands. Instead of forcing people to like and share “funny pictures” we create content that is relevant to the brand so that the audience we draw are people who have a deep attachment or inclination to the brand. A longer route yes, but we think it’s worth it.

Platform/Desktop Software

We build cross-platform, customized software for businesses and startups.

Facebook Apps

We help developers, businesses and social media experts tap into the social connections of their customers by taking advantage of the freely available Facebook developer platform. We tie them in as Facebook Page Tab apps, website integrations or in-app.

Android & Java App development


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